Star Vijay Airtel Super Singer 3 finals – winner Saicharan

The results for first and second place is as predicted in this site. The final winner of Star Vijay Airtel Super Singer 3 is the most deserving contestant Saicharan. Satyaprakash needed a better treatment than Santosh as he is definitely a better singer among the two.  There is a huge gap between the prize amounts for 1st and second place. The second place contestant should have been awarded Rs.10 lakhs.

I do not know what was Danush (he was once even addressed as national hero!!!) doing there. He clapped when everyone clapped and otherwise was busy with his cell. The hosts were not up to the mark and I think Divya needs to be replaced.

By the way, Congratulations to Kalpana the winner of Asianet’s Idea Star Singer season 5. She had been a very good performer and singer throughout the programme.

On a different note, Asianet’s Idea Star Singer programme is much better than Airtel Super Singer.

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