Nimbu Paani made of ICE from Morgue

Beware of drinking Nimbu Paani (Lemon water) from roadside vendors.



One of my friends sent to me the news article from a Marathi daily.

It warns us about the Nimboo Paani available from road side vendors. This report says that the ice that the roadside vendors use for making Nimboo Paani might have been sourced from the Morgue. In Government hospitals, dead bodies are preserved in ice until further procession. These hospitals dispose of the ice daily morning and there is a crowd of vendors outside the hospitals to buy this ice as the ice is available very cheap and increases their profit margin.

I recall that some years back there was a similar report in Kolkata where it was said that the fruit vendors who sells salads used to wear the rubber gloves that were disposed of by the hospitals, for cutting fruits and vegetables.

This indicates the poor waste management system that is being followed and implemented in our country. I wonder how many more such events takes place in our country, because of which innocent public might fall victim.

Please spread this message to others and help create awareness.


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