Nandankanan Zoo in Bhubaneswar

Nandankanan zoo in Bhubaneswar is one of the finest zoos in India. It is also unique in that it is combined with botanical garden spread over 173 acres and Kanja lake that spreads over 66 hectares.  The zoo also provides for wild life safari for white tigers and lions. Nandankanan bioligical park is also host a zoo for captive breeding of white tiger out of normal coloured parents.

Nandankanan spreads over a vast area of 362 hectares. It houses a number of free living animals.  There are more than 1250 animals and birds in the zoo belonging to 124 species.

The enclosures for caged animals are quite large so that the animals can freely move around.

Lion safari and White tiger safari can be exciting but one has to be patient to spot the animals.  Safari is conducted in a small bus that moves about in the forest area where lions and tigers are set free to roam around. The author was lucky to spot both lion and tiger at close quarters.

Nandankanan is 18 kms from Bhubaneswar railway station and 25 kms from the Bhubaneswar airport.

Here are some of the snaps taken in the zoo.









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