How to track your Google Adsense check delivery?

This article meant for Adsense Members who have opted for check payment. As soon as you have reached your payment threshold (USD 100) in a particular month Google processes your payment by the end of next month. This usually happens by 23rd of the month following the month in which you have reached the threshold. This can be checked by viewing the ‘Payment History’. A link to view Payment details is provided besides the Payment Issued remark. Clicking the link will provide you the following details:

Adsent payment

As I can see, the payment is sourced at New York, USA and routed through Hyderabad and from Hyderabad it is delivered through BlueDart.

Here is how you can guess the check delivery time:

> Payment date shown in the picture above is the date when the check is issued.

> Payment number is the check number.

> BlueDart’s Tracking number: You will not get to know this immediately. The tracking number is provided in the payment details only after the consignment(i.e. check) is delivered.

It takes about 8 to 10 days from the payment date for the pickup to be done byBluedart.

Starting from the 8th day you may attempt to track the delivery status by using the payment number. Bluedart provides for tracking either with Waybill No. or Ref. No. Drop the ’0? from the payment number and use the remaining numbers as reference number. As soon as the pickup is done by Bluedart it will provide you the status of delivery or expected time of delivery.


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