How to overcome IRCTC payment gateway processing error?

On many occasions I have found myself stuck in the middle of payment process on irctc website while making payment. This happens once you feed in the bank details or credit card details and hit ok. The normal process is that the payment information from the bank end should reach IRCTC server so that the booking is processed by irctc and the ticket issued. However, many times, this cycle is never completed though the money is deducted from your account but the ticket booking does not take place. Your browser keeps on waiting for the resources from the server and finally gives up showing an error page. There is one way you can avoid this happening though it cannot be said to be a foolproof one.

When you find that the browser is taking more than the normal time required for processing the payment and sending back the information to the irctc server, stop loading and start reloading the page in quick succession. It has to be a quick double clik on the stop button.

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    brother irctc mobile website not load at 8 am-10 am , how can i book ticket. plz mail me details to

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