Configure POP3 account to send receive mails through

While most of the mail clients ( like MS Outlook, Dream Mail, eM Client, Mozilla Thunderbird) have auto configuration to set-up POP3 accounts it may, sometimes, be required to resort to manual configuration if the mail clients fail to detect the correct webmail server settings. If you have opened an email account with (recently launched by Microsoft) then, in all probability, you will have to configure your mail account manually. So, here are the settings to receive and send mails through from your PC mail client.

Username: [provide your full email id e.g.]
Password: [provide the password that you have set to access mails in]

Server Settings:

Port: 995
Auth. Type: Username and Password
SSL: Enable

Port: 25
Auth. Type: ESMTP (Set encryption to Auto in MS Outlook)
SSL: Enable
SMTP authentication: Enable

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