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Windows Phone 7.8 available for Nokia Lumia in India

As indications given by Microsoft and various other sites, Windows Phone update to 7.8 was promptly rolled out on 31-01-2013. Though my device(Lumia 710) did not show any updates (yes, notify updates was enabled) but as soon as I connected the device to my PC through Zune software I was notified of the available update. …

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Suggested free games for Nokia Lumia Windowsphone 7.5

1. Shuffle Party 2. Draw Wars Save Yer Booty 3. Lucky Fishing 4. Premium Pool 5. Roundy Dash 6. Solitaire 7. Ultimate Cricket 2011 8. Free Billy 9. Parking Car 10. Penguin Blast

Suggested Free Apps for WindowsPhone 7.5

I would suggest following free apps for Windows Phone 7.5 Adobe Reader – To read PDF Documents Advanced English Dictionary – Useful Dictionary with UK and US pronunciation Counters – See how much data used, sms sent, calls made. You can also set limits. Device Status – Know hardware, software and memory details of your …

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How to download apps and games on Nokia Lumia phones?

There are two ways of downloading apps/games on your Lumia phones. (1) Download direct from your mobile device (2) Download from Windowsphone marketplace. Many times one may face difficulties in downloading from the mobile device. This can be due to slow internet connection, poor signal, market place not responding to download requests. In such cases …

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How to overcome IRCTC payment gateway processing error?

On many occasions I have found myself stuck in the middle of payment process on irctc website while making payment. This happens once you feed in the bank details or credit card details and hit ok. The normal process is that the payment information from the bank end should reach IRCTC server so that the …

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Nokia 701 vs Nokia Lumia 710

In the past two months, I have visited three to four Nokia stores / retailers with an interest to know more about 701. Wherever I went I got a stock reply “product not available”. One store even went to the extent of saying that Nokia has discontinued with the 701 model. However, all the stores …

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