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South Indian type Poli Chana dal sweet Roti

Poli is a sweet item very popular in south India. There are many varieties of poli made of coconut and dal. This is also a very popular sweet dish in ma     Ingredients: Chana Dal(Begalgram Dal) – 1 cup Jaggery – 1 cup (you can also use Sugar – 1 cup) Refined Flour – …

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How to make delicious Bread Jamun

  Ingredients: Bread slices – 6 Sugar – 150 gms Oil – As per requirement for deep frying Method: Dissolve sugar in 150 ml water. Then heat the sugar mixed water to make syrup.  Remove from fire before the syrup become too thick and sticky.  You can also add cardamom to the syrup to add …

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How to make Simple Aloo Tikki

Here is a simple recipe for making Aloo Tikki. Ingredients: Parboiled rice powder – 200gms Potato – 1kg Kabuli chana cooked in garam masala gravy Chopped onions Chopped coriander leaves Chilli powder Tamarind water Mint/Coriander chutney Sweet chutney made of tamarind/dates Cooking oil Salt to taste   Method: Cook potatoes and mix it(after peeling) with …

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Brown bread, peanut butter with honey for delicious breakfast

  Brown Bread & Peanut Butter break fast: This is a simple but tasty and nutritious breakfast. All that you need are good quality brown bread of larges slices, peanut butter and honey. Simply apply peanut butter amply on one side of the butter and pour a little honey over it and your delicious breakfast …

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Stewed Rice with Vegetables

Ingredients: Rice (Basmati) – 500 gms Cauliflower – 200 gms (1 cup) Cabbage – 200 gms (1 cup) Carrots – 200 gms cubed Tomatoes – 150 gms (sliced) Capsicums – 150 gms (sliced) Onions – 100 gms (chopped) Lemon juice – 15 ml (1 tbsp) Pepper powder – 5 gms. 1 tsp Cooking oil – …

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Om Shivo Hum without Rudram

  If anyone wishes to hear Om Shivo Hum without Rudram click below omsivahum-r